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Through Laser Therapy, Spinal Decompression and Rehabilitation

Finally,there are safe, non-surgical procedures that can help chronic back and neck pain, sciatica spinal arthritis and disc conditions. Learn more about decompression, laser and rehabilitation therapies here.

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Now breakthroughs in treatment are offering neuropathy suffers lasting relief, without drugs. Learning more about infrared, laser, clinical nutrition and balance therapy here.

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BELLEVUE: Dr. Kevin Polzin DC
Bellevue Pain Institute
12360 NE 8th Street Suite 200

Bellevue WA 98005  PH:425-999-9633


EDMONDS: Dr. Mark Shelley DC, DACNB
Olympic Spine & Sports Therapy
22019 Hwy 99, Suite A

Edmonds, WA, 98026  PH:206-508-4463


TACOMA: Dr. Richard Leone DC
Back and Joint Pain Institute
1720 South 72nd Street, #201
Tacoma WA, 98408  PH:206-508-4463


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Relief for disc herniation, scoliosis and degenerative arthritis

Jinny TI have suffered from degenerative arthritis in my lumbar spine for nearly twenty years, plus I have scoliosis and a herniated disc.  Four years ago I met with a neuro surgeon who advised that I have surgery.  The surgery was scheduled, however after further investigation I decided against it and resigned myself to live with the pain.  Then a year ago the clenching pain became so intense it radiated from my hip down my leg to my toes.  I found it difficult to work, sit, sleep or drive.  One of my friends recommended Dr. Shelley; she told me her husband had tremendous success with his treatment procedures.  My progress was slow at first, but now I’m hugely improved!  Now that I’m no longer focused on my pain my quality of life has improved greatly.  I can do housework. Since I’ m not tired out from pain I actually want to go out with friends.  I’m back to walking, I was even able to complete a five mile hike last summer!  I can sit without squirming in my chair which allows me to focus more on my clients.  I also learned how to work smarter using better body mechanics.  The staff is wonderful!  They’re upbeat, cheerful, fun and very supportive.  A couple of times I was in so much pain I came to the office in tears, they were encouraging, understanding and very caring.

Jinny T., Bothell, WA